Gap insurance after Brexit

What will change for gap insurance after Brexit - and what won’t

Gap insurance after Brexit
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Brexit takes place on 31 January, and the UK will no longer be member of the European Union. Many arrangements will stay in place for a transition period whilst the full deal is negotiated. Exactly what happens after that is anyone’s guess with politicians promising different things on different days of the week. 

If the UK leaves the EU without at deal (and indeed in some versions of the potential deal) at the end of the transition period you will need to get yourself an International Driving Permit and a green card to ensure your insurance is valid.

First the driving permit. That’s a trip to the post office and requires a visit to the dreaded photo booth. Luckily they don’t appear to be quite as strict as passport and visa photos but don’t smile, don’t wear glasses and stay in the middle of the screen and all should be well. 

Photo booth international driving permit

The International Driving Permit itself is a pretty inauspicious looking document with a cardboard cover that would be turned down for cereal packing duties. It will set you back £5.50 and just requires you show your driving license to have the requisite details copied from it onto the permit.

International driving permit gap insurance

The only snag is that you will need to know which European countries you want to drive in as some require the annual permit and others three years. Get both if you’re planning on touring between France, Spain and Germany.

international driving permit countries

As for the green card, this does not repay a ‘be prepared’ mentality. You will need to call your insurer before you set off, let them know the exact dates that you require it for. And (naturally) they will charge you. Whilst the government advice is to allow a month to receive the green card, our advice from our insurer is that you don’t actually need the bit of paper to travel, they’ll have a note of it if anything unfortunate happens.

Note that Brexit does not affect gap insurance - it will still be valid if you drive in Europe - however you do need fully comprehensive cover for the policy to be valid in the first place so the green card is a must.

by Beate Kubitz at 30 Jan 2020, 00:00 AM