Let’s hope she didn’t buy that Model 3 on finance

Truckla Tesla angle grinder
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Whilst some YouTubers have really not quite worked out the relative risk and reward of modding for the small screen, there is one mod that’s properly worked out. 

Electric vehicles are all well and good, but the development of proper utility vehicles with the kind of range and spec that makes them suitable for outdoor sports and camping types hasn’t yet resulted in a really useful outdoor vehicle on the market.

Enter robotics and electronics hacker, Simone Giertz, with her dream to convert a brand new Tesla into a pickup truck. It’s a kind of crazy idea - but the YouTube programme made as she and her team design and rebuild the Model 3 into a flatbed truck is a recommended watch.

Tesla model 3 Truckla rebuild

After our regular deliberations over making a Tesla purchase we’re hoping that Elon Musk takes the hint and brings out a Tesla truck ASAP.

It needs the total utility of a mobile shed, coupled with the range of a Model 3 even when fully loaded with bikes, surfboards, tents and the kitchen sink. Oh and not too wide - we’re looking for something that won’t lose any paintwork to dry stone walls in narrow lanes and will nimbly negotiate the tightest hairpins on Lakeland passes.

Hopefully it’ll look half as cute as a modded Model 3 (although Tesla’s own much-teased truck is presaged as more Bladerunner).

Tesla Truckla Simone Giertz

In the meantime, if you’re handy with an angle grinder, anything is possible.

by Beate Kubitz at 27 Jul 2019, 00:00 AM