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How to make all the difference with just 5% of the work

Bringing trim back to life
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Anyone can wash a car… Nearly anyone can polish a car too. Only a few, though, make the effort to make their car look, well, special. There’s that certain look to a nice car that makes you turn your head and think ‘Mmm, yes, now THAT is a great car’. 

But what is it that makes an old Mini Pickup gather a bigger crowd at Cars and Coffee than the Lamborghini next to it? Or that old 205 GTI outshine a GT3?

There’s a level of attention to detail that makes a car stand out. It starts at the tyres and wheels and goes all the way through to the wing mirrors. Some things just need to be just right or they’ll just look… wrong.

Big things, like the stance of a car go a long way to getting that 5% extra that separates the good from the excellent. How a car looks when it’s doing zero miles per hour is important - after all, that’s the speed that nearly all cars do for much of their lives. Stance - the fore-aft balance of tyre and wheel size, how they sit in the arches and how fast the car looks while stood still, that is important. 

But there are other things that, when combined, just tip it over the edge towards perfection. Small things like trim colour - faded trim doesn’t look bad, as such, but when you spend some time to re-colour your trim and bring it back to factory fresh. That is something that looks good to the eye, even if the brain doesn’t consciously notice it. It might cost you £15 for some nano-technology trim restorer, but you’ll appreciate it when you’ve done it - way more than spending more on some blue LEDs for the glovebox…

The extremities, when done right, are what can set that car apart. The trim, the wing mirrors, the shine of the glass - anyone can get a car looking shiny, but how many people take the time to actually polish the glass? A smear of Windowlene is usually all they get. The same with the tyres. Clean looks OK, but clean and blackened and shined up - that looks great.

You can have the flashest paintwork in the world, and you can clean it up, but if the tyres and trim, the glass and mirrors, the chrome and exhaust tips aren’t gleaming, then that’s all people will look at. 

Never forget the 5%. Get that right and the other 95% is easy!

Ready... steady... go!

Vehicle trim distressed

Trim upkeep


Now just to sort the rest of it...

by Chipps Chippendale at 20 May 2019, 00:00 AM