Finding it hard to get diamond cut alloy wheel insurance?

New policies to upgrade your gap insurance and cover your alloys, paintwork and tyres

Alloy wheel insurance
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Diamond cut alloy wheels (or indeed any alloy wheels) and decent tyres are a smart upgrade for your precious car but are not protected by many mainstream insurance policies. Not to mention your prized and polished paintwork. Chips, minor scratches and small dents which really spoil the look of your vehicle will usually fall below the kind of bodywork damage covered by motor insurance policies.

But everyone wants to keep their nice car nice.  Our latest alloy wheel insurance policies are a real upgrade on past cover. We can even offer diamond cut alloy wheel insurance.

In addition our new Direct Gap scratch and dent insurance provides insurance for your paintwork. Whilst this means you can keep your paintwork blemish free it has the benefit that you have cover to ensure that you hand back vehicles bought on finance or contract hire without penalties for chips, scratches, small dings and dints.  Complete the set with our excellent tyre insurance policy and you can really keep your car looking great for the whole time you’re driving it.

These policies are ‘top up’ polices - so they’re available when you buy gap insurance. At that point you can also take out optional add on policies to insure your alloy wheels, tyres and paintwork.

New top of the range policies mean that your diamond cut alloy wheels are covered for up to 4 repair claims and 50,000 miles. And if your wheels are damaged beyond repair, we will give you £150 towards a new wheel.

So, whilst gap insurance will give you peace of mind that you can always get back on the road, we can also ensure your car can be kept as smart as when you bought it.

by Beate Kubitz at 7 Mar 2019, 00:00 AM