Taken with the Taycan

Pictures from my visit to Zuffenhausen

Admiring Porsche Taycan Factory Tour
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Porsche has quietly stepped into the running for the most sought after electric vehicle in production. It has announced that it will be upping production of the Taycan, its mission E production sports car, before the first one has been delivered because the order book is so strong.

Porsche Zuffenhausen

Homeland: Zuffenhausen. Heart: electric. The new Taycan

It’s interesting that we’ve suddenly leapt from the age of diesel to the age of electric almost overnight. Diesel sales have dived and electric is now the most interesting segment of an, admittedly sluggish, market. Those who want a new car seem to want the bleeding edge of technology and they are demanding it now (or ASAP – which for Porsche means next year).

Taycan At Porsche 2

So excited to see this beauty

According to reports, Porsche is planning to meet demand with production of over 20,000 Taycans per year (a production number rumoured to be split across two models – a four door sedan as well as the original Cross Turismo model).

Although this is not a huge number in automotive terms, it’s a big production run for Porsche and with impressive numbers in the markets it’s opened. For instance, Porsche normally sells around 600 vehicles per year to the Norwegian market, however when it opened sales of the Taycan in Norway, the automaker said that it received almost 3,000 reservations with deposits.

To achieve these production numbers Porsche is building a ‘factory within a factory’ at its main Zuffenhausen plant in Germany. It is investing 6 billion euros and hiring 1,200 people to provide the capacity for the new production lines – which will all be up and running in 2019.

Taycan From Behind

Anyway, after a once-in-a-lifetime experience of a Porsche factory tour, where I got to see one of the four built prototypes, I’m pretty reassured that Porsche will be delivering a thing of absolute beauty which will exceed all expectations.

Personally I can’t wait. 

by James Cartwright at 17 Dec 2018, 00:00 AM