Three Jowett gems

Bradford, Javelin and Jupiter

Jowett Bradford Van
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Jowett developed a reputation as 'the little engine with the big pull'.

Whether you needed a works van, a family vehicle or luxury sports car, Jowett had it all!

The Bradford 

"I'm sure we must of have been heavily overloaded, but we never had any problems."

With a flat-twin water cooled engine, good fuel economy, a long life, simple sturdy frame and modern equipment, the Bradford model was the perfect post-war car for tradesmen, seeing thousands of them sold.

On the back of this model's success, Jowett brought out the Bradford Utility and Bradford Lorry, these were mainly exported as the original model sold so well at home. They were marketed as indestructible with cars in Canada travelling over 150,000 with little maintenance and one making the journey from the Congo to Cape town without a hitch.

Jowett Javelin (1)

The Javelin

"It was a joy to drive... a new Javelin was memorable... I rarely felt such a thrill in a car as I did in that one."

At first, production of the Javelin was slow, until interest in the car spiked and it became a regular site on the roads of the late 1940's. The Javelin's rapid acceleration and top speed of 80mph teamed with a quiet engine and good handling made it a pleasure for motorists to drive. What made it even more desirable was the compact size yet roomy interior, modern look and practicality.

In 1949, the Jowett Javelin won the 1.5litre Monte Carlo Rally class, shocking other competitors and causing the car's popularity to grow even further. In the same year, the Javelin won the 24-hour Belgium Grand Prix 2litre class, covering 1700 miles.

By now, its outstanding global reputation saw overseas markets grow for Jowett; exporting cars to over 90 locations worldwide, from cold climates in the Swiss alps, to the tropics.

Jowett Jupiter

The Jupiter 

"It had a maroon body with a black boot and running boards along either side in true 'gangster' fashion."

Inspired by the success of the Javelin, Jowett created the Jupiter model, a high performance racing car based on the Javelin.

The engine size was increased, two special carburettors fitted, precision steering at high speeds ensured, a steel chassis for lightness and strength, bigger brakes and strengthened shock absorbers. The body was changed to a more aerodynamic shape and made from light aluminium, it was marketed as comfortable and beautifully finished.

The Jupiter could go from 0 to 60mph in 15 seconds and reach speeds over 90mph. It had winding glass windows to ensure it was air tight and a folding roof, making it suitable for all weathers.

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