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Nice. Shiny. Jaguar. V6. Solid no nonsense speed and quality. I can see why my mate bought it. Officially, it’s a three litre Jaguar XJ Portfolio V6 Diesel, a nice quiet and powerful saloon car. Ideal for enjoying the daily commute, or a trip across Europe. 

Look again though. Does it look familiar at all? What’s with the blue lights?
You see this is not a car. It’s a movie star. A Bond car. A Skyfall star. It’s the car M steps out of on Vauxhall Bridge to see MI6 destroyed in front of her eyes.

It has its own IMCDB page (Internet Movie Car Database – worth a few minutes of browsing, I promise).

09_vauxhall _bridge _12th _february _2012

Cars are embedded in the DNA of Bond films. Not just the original Aston Martin – the motif reworked through each new offering with humour, irony and nostalgia – or even the inevitable supercars engaged in chases on alpine roads or crowded city streets – but as minor characters too. From the shiny new Fiat 500 slowing the traffic in Rome to the 1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith that collects Bond and Madeleine Swann and takes them to Blofeld’s desert lair in Spectre. And M’s service vehicle, the trusted armoured limo for a senior civil servant who is still, let’s face it, at the sharp end from time to time. 

Bond Car Jaguar XJ Portfolio V6 Diesel (1)

My mate saw it in an auction. He’s got a restoration business. He buys cars. Not that this car needs any restoration. It wasn’t one of the multiple Aston Martins that Bond carelessly allows to be shot up, sunk or otherwise destroyed. But it’s a car and my pal likes cars, and Bond, and it’s there.  I’d have done the same.

I do wonder if he’s had that near-side alloy looked at yet. Bond wasn’t over-careful when stealing M away at the end of the courtroom shootout with Silva. If it still bears the scuffs of being slid into a London kerb, so much the better. That car was THERE. It was driven by Bond in a Bond film. Therefore it’s an actual Bond car.

Skyfall You Tube Bond Car Jaguar Escape

So there it is, a bit of Bond, parked up in the garage, scattering stardust wherever it goes*.

* It will be scattering stardust but not blue light. Only emergency vehicles can be fitted with a blue flashing light, or anything that looks like a blue flashing light, whether working or not. Even preserved emergency vehicles are not officially permitted to have blue lights attached to them when on the road, even if they are completely covered up and inoperable. Usually common sense prevails and if there is no way of being able to see the blue light unit then the police are happy. We’re not sure whether an international movie star emergency vehicle counts as a preserved emergency vehicle and it’s not something we’re prepared to test police leniency on. The blue lights have to come out before she hits the road.

Thank you to GR Automotive Photography  for the title picture and to Tennyson James for letting me see the real deal.

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Skyfall Ms Car Bond

by James Cartwright at 3 Oct 2017, 00:00 AM