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Does it reduce your GAP cover options?

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Excuse the shameless self promotion, but we think we've done something clever for once.

If you buy a new car, you may be tempted by offers of ‘new for old’ cover from many reputable motor insurers. These policies are great in the short term - they cover the first year that you own the car. However, if you are planning to keep your car for longer and need to be able to replace it and ensure that finance payments are covered - whatever happens - they can make it difficult to get a suitable GAP insurance product. At the end of the year, you won’t be able to find insurance which covers the original cost of your new car.

The problem is that the most comprehensive GAP insurance policies can only be taken out on vehicles that have been owned for less than 180 days - so if you get to the end of your first year of insurance and the ‘new for old’ offer is over, you will only have limited options. After all, you’ve now got a one year old car and so an insurer will only insure your vehicle up to its value at one year old. You’ll still be able to take out GAP insurance to cover outstanding finance repayments only, but the GAP policies which would enable you to replace your vehicle with a new one can only be taken out within 180 days of buying your car. This is common to GAP insurers offering ‘return to invoice gap’ or ‘vehicle replacement gap’ policies across the market - it’s a type of insurance that is only offered when vehicles are bought.

The solution is to talk to Direct Gap when you buy your car. We are able to offer you a deferred start date for your policy. So you can take out return to invoice or vehicle replacement GAP insurance at the time you buy your car and defer the start of your policy for a year. We’ll honour the value of the car when you bought it - not when it reaches one year old.

This is a great way to take advantage of both the ‘new for old’ insurance offers on the market and still have GAP insurance in place when they come to an end. This will mean you can your car sufficiently to pay off any finance and replace your car with a new vehicle if anything happens to it for the full length of the GAP policy.

A win, win deal. Just call Direct Gap when you buy your car and talk to us.

by James Cartwright at 2 Oct 2015, 00:00 AM