They say the devil's in the details...

They certainly matter

Porsche -keys
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Or maybe it's God? The details definitely matter though. These are my car keys. I like them. The insignia is reassuringly chunky and they weigh nicely in the hand.

But when a customer called me recently to insure his new purchase, he told me that the best moment was getting the colour coded keys. White to match his new Porsche.

Strangely, I get it.

Consistency, order, propagating the design right down into the smallest detail. White car. White keys to match. Never mind the eighty thousand pounds worth of throaty V6 engine, the independent suspension, the engineering brains expended on reducing the coefficient of drag. That's all given. It's the tiniest details that perfect the whole.

I went to quite some lengths to locate a car with the company logo embossed onto the seat leather. Apparently fewer than five hundred were made and none of them fell into my path. A leather dash, however, became mine.


It's the littlest things that make us smile. Next time, maybe I'll get my car keys enamelled to match too.

by James Cartwright at 9 Nov 2014, 00:00 AM