GAP insurance for BMW owners

Look after your pride and joy - and your finances


Are you lucky enough to be considering the purchase of a new BMW?

If you’ve decided to go for ‘the ultimate driving machine’, of course you’ll want to make sure your new car is fully protected with complete cover.

As a BMW owner, you want the best cover – from specialists who know about your car. Of course, you’ll get motor insurance. But will you make sure that the value of your car, and any finance is fully covered?

Talk to experts

Noone likes to think of damage to their new car – but we make sure you’re covered for all eventualities so you can drive your new BMW off the forecourt with complete peace of mind.

GAP insurance will help cover you in the unfortunate event your new vehicle is written off. GAP policies ensure your finance obligations are met, cover the full cost of your car and even a replacement vehicle in the event your car is a total loss. This bridges any ‘gap’ between payments from your car insurance and the cost of your vehicle or outstanding finance.

Direct Gap specialises in providing the best gap insurance cover. Our experts can talk you through the options and help you decide what you need. This excellent service comes at reasonable prices - in some cases our quote is 75% cheaper than gap cover from dealers.

The great thing about buying cover independently is that you can get specialist advice. Independent GAP cover can be better than dealer cover. In many cases, car dealers only offer one insurance product, which is generally a 3 year cover policy that only covers the purchase price of the car. This wouldn’t be the best type of cover if you have a five-year finance agreement.

Direct Gap is run by car lovers – we will look after your BMW just as much as you will!


by Andrew Shaw at 2 Dec 2013, 00:00 AM