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James Cartwright
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ames Cartwright founded Direct GAP in 2006 . He’s been working in the insurance market since 1994.

“The gap insurance market has changed. When I started it seemed that dealers really were taking advantage of unsuspecting car buyers and adding expensive insurance to finance packages and final bills. It was almost a mission to provide gap insurance at a reasonable price. We didn’t often have the opportunity to get to people before they took the easy (and expensive) dealer option. However things have changed with the FCA trying to make the market more consumer friendly and forcing dealerships to give people time to shop around before an add-on gap policy can be confirmed.

What’s really important to me is that my staff are knowledgeable and helpful - listening to people’s individual situations, what car they have bought and on which terms - so that they can provide the best information for the circumstances. It’s not about being the cheapest - it’s about providing good value and being a solid, well-run business that is going to stand behind its products and give people the back up they need.”

James loves cars - the blog follows the highs and lows of motoring and some of the most satisfying elements of car ownership (that’ll be polishing then). He’s the proud owner of a Porsche 911 which goes out in the summer, a hilariously over-powered Ford Mustang and a slightly less enthusiastic driver of ‘anything 4x4 that will get down the drive in Hebden Bridge in winter’.

“I know that electric vehicles are the future, and I expect I’ll get one quite soon. But in years to come I’ll be hunting down the last gallon of petrol on earth to siphon it into the 911 for one last ride”.

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by Beate Kubitz at 9 Jan 2020, 00:00 AM