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Beate Kubitz
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Beate Kubitz is a researcher, writer and thought leader in innovative mobility. She has been writing blog posts for Direct Gap since 2014.

“The automotive industry is changing. When I first started writing for Direct Gap I hadn’t had to think too hard about it - I was working in shared transport and on sustainability issues and cars seemed to be a problem that was almost too big to tackle.

Since then though, it’s become clear that we are seeing massive changes in society as young people learn to drive later and drive less than previous generations, coupled with an urgent need to reduce emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change. Everything is much more digital now. Car manufacturers used to sell vehicles and know nothing about how they were used. These days there are all sorts of digital connections and updates flying around and these data flows affect many different areas of the industry - including insurance.

We’re seeing advances in technology and business models exceeding expectations and change is coming at us very fast. Even though I write about what is happening now, the devil is in the detail. Grappling with insurance issues can be very enlightening when I put my futurist hat on and look at where we might be in a few years’ time.”

Beate’s other publications include the Annual Survey of Mobility as a Service, published by Landor Links. She is a regular speaker about new mobility at conferences, including the Oxford EV conference in April 2019, Transportation as a Service 2019 and Smarter Travel Live! 2018 and Smarter Tomorrow 2019.

Beate cycles to work and owns a Tesla.

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by Beate Kubitz at 9 Jan 2020, 00:00 AM